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April 10th, 2016

07:57 pm - Update

Well, this year is flying. Work has stayed busy. Despite the arrival of two new docs, we are still running on half a doctor (don't think about it!) less than this time last year, and having trouble finding a locum for one of ours docs who wants to go South for three months over the winter.

Hubby is being very productive, with two further Gnome Rotary airplane engines almost ready to run. Number one engine hit the national TV news when it was finished as the first of its kind to have been manufactured new for 100 years. That one went to Australia; the next two are off to the UK and the US.

Watt Four played the New Year's Eve gig for the street party in town, then we played at an Easter dance after the A & P show at the township of Ward, 45 minutes south of here. It was a great night, all the locals turned up from kids to oldies, and everyone was up dancing and singing along. We were supposed to play until midnight, but continued through until 0040, and they wanted us to carry on for longer! Still, there was a party at Wendy's to go to afterwards by all accounts!

We have another gig in two weeks, and in mid June at the local Combined Clubs, and we are being considered for the annual charity ball a week later, as well as a few other possibilities later in the year.

The 14 year old progeny made her debut as the band's synth player at Easter and did very well, considering she had never played a keyboard before late last year, and had 50+ songs to learn in four weeks! She is also playing guitar in the school jazz band and had 3 solos in the August South Island inter schools competition, and was asked on Friday to play guitar for the college production of Hairspray ( which is showing the week before the Jazz comps). She must have impressed her music teacher as usually only seniors get to play in the show band. Bodes well for when she starts taking music as a serious subject next year.

The grown up male progeny are scattered around: one in Melbourne living with his girlfriend and planning to complete the final year of a finance degree over there. One just returned from a few years in the UK is up north starting a degree in Defence and Security studies. Wants to stop people blowing each other up, which is a noble albeit naive ambition. The youngest is in his 4th year of a double degree in Psychology and Finance, with a side of Japanese. He's going to work out how your mind works, then screw you for everything you have! Potential evil minions need to start getting their CVs together...

We moved into the new house in November, just saving some more to finish off the landscaping etc. We've had a fabulous summer here, and still haven't needed any heating on, which is unheard of for April!

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January 12th, 2016

08:19 pm - Heroes

I join everyone here in remembering the unique creativity of David Bowie. Like many, I thought the Goblin King was gorgeous, and his Glass Spider tour stop in Auckland in '86 was my first concert.

Only ten days before his death we played both China Girl and Heroes in a set of only 21 songs. Heroes is usually our grand finale. Only last week I learned to play Modern Love, and the day before his death bought the sheet music to learn Let's Dance. His songs are his legacy to us all.

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January 3rd, 2016

04:04 pm - New Year
Trying this again...

The band made the front page of the paper prior to the New year's Eve gig at the Blenheim street party.
Blenheim band Watt4, from left, guitarist Ged Carr, keyboard player Fred Wiseman, drummer Peter Stowasser, vocalist Toska Bayly and bassist Penny Wytenburg prepare to rock out at the Ignite New Year's Eve celebrations in Blenheim.

The organisers had hired professional sound and lighting engineers, so we had all manner of lights and strobes and a smoke machine... the works. We played 10 to midnight, starting with a rousing rendition of Gimme Some Lovin', and counting down to midnight with... you guessed it... The Final Countdown. Cheesy, huh? As the fireworks display went off, we played Auld Lang Syne, traditionally at first, then morphing into our own rock version complete with full out guitar solo by Ged. It was a blast!


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12:45 pm

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12:56 am


We made the front page of the paper!

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October 7th, 2015

01:47 pm - Party time!

Wahoo! Just found out Watt 4 have the contract to be feature band for the New Year's Eve party on Picton foreshore. This is THE big local event at New Year with a fireworks display at midnight and all sorts of activities all evening. Last year 9000 people turned up to party! Sure beats the 50-100 at the club we usually play at!
Better start practising! :D

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June 24th, 2015

12:33 am - Watt 4
Here's Watt 4 performing Crazy Little thing called Love by Queen

and All Right Now by Free
(check out the short bass solo near the beginning of the guitar solo!) We'd only added this song to the set list a week or two earlier, and this was the first time we'd played the whole thing right through.

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June 22nd, 2015

12:54 am - Watt 4
I finally worked out how to post a video clip! Here's our band, Watt 4, performing Wild THing on Saturday night at the local Combined Clubs bar.

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April 30th, 2015

01:49 pm - Band update

Well, Watt Four is up and running. We have done two gigs now, in Feb and April at the licks Combined Clubs venue with two more booked for June and August. Not the best of venues, lots of oldies who go home pretty early, but I did a good job of rounding up an audience from friends, workmates, and even patients! They all seemed to enjoy the night. We are looking at trying to get a regular pub gig, but need to find somewhere suitable, as our retro 60s to 80s party songs probably won't appeal to the younger set. Playing the gig was a bit nerve-racking the first time but awesome fun as well, and by the second time was a breeze. Practices with the guys are great fun, and we all get along swimmingly. The boys and I are eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new bass, a Fender Custom Shop Adam Clayton signature Jazz bass, which should sound great for our type of music... And of course, when I play U2 at home. It's the very same bass Adam will be using for some songs in concerts on the upcoming U2 tour and that he used for the latest album.

The house has roof trusses now, so well under way, and we are off to Sydney and the Hunter Valley wineries tomorrow for a week. Yay! :D

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March 16th, 2015

01:53 pm

Eagles concert Saturday night was awesome! Unlike many other performers as they hit the late sixties there was no loss of vocal or guitar playing ability. They sounded as good as they did 30 or more years ago and put on a bloody good show. The narratives by each of the band members interspersed between all the well-loved songs was informative and entertaining, and the guitar war between Joe Walsh and Glenn Frey was brilliant. The DVD of the concert is on my Xmas list!

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