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October 7th, 2015

01:47 pm - Party time!

Wahoo! Just found out Watt 4 have the contract to be feature band for the New Year's Eve party on Picton foreshore. This is THE big local event at New Year with a fireworks display at midnight and all sorts of activities all evening. Last year 9000 people turned up to party! Sure beats the 50-100 at the club we usually play at!
Better start practising! :D

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June 24th, 2015

12:33 am - Watt 4
Here's Watt 4 performing Crazy Little thing called Love by Queen

and All Right Now by Free
(check out the short bass solo near the beginning of the guitar solo!) We'd only added this song to the set list a week or two earlier, and this was the first time we'd played the whole thing right through.

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June 22nd, 2015

12:54 am - Watt 4
I finally worked out how to post a video clip! Here's our band, Watt 4, performing Wild THing on Saturday night at the local Combined Clubs bar.

Current Music: Wild Thing

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April 30th, 2015

01:49 pm - Band update

Well, Watt Four is up and running. We have done two gigs now, in Feb and April at the licks Combined Clubs venue with two more booked for June and August. Not the best of venues, lots of oldies who go home pretty early, but I did a good job of rounding up an audience from friends, workmates, and even patients! They all seemed to enjoy the night. We are looking at trying to get a regular pub gig, but need to find somewhere suitable, as our retro 60s to 80s party songs probably won't appeal to the younger set. Playing the gig was a bit nerve-racking the first time but awesome fun as well, and by the second time was a breeze. Practices with the guys are great fun, and we all get along swimmingly. The boys and I are eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new bass, a Fender Custom Shop Adam Clayton signature Jazz bass, which should sound great for our type of music... And of course, when I play U2 at home. It's the very same bass Adam will be using for some songs in concerts on the upcoming U2 tour and that he used for the latest album.

The house has roof trusses now, so well under way, and we are off to Sydney and the Hunter Valley wineries tomorrow for a week. Yay! :D

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March 16th, 2015

01:53 pm

Eagles concert Saturday night was awesome! Unlike many other performers as they hit the late sixties there was no loss of vocal or guitar playing ability. They sounded as good as they did 30 or more years ago and put on a bloody good show. The narratives by each of the band members interspersed between all the well-loved songs was informative and entertaining, and the guitar war between Joe Walsh and Glenn Frey was brilliant. The DVD of the concert is on my Xmas list!

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March 14th, 2015

09:36 am

Well, the Happy Hour crew arrived in Auckland last night for the Eagles concert tonight. Had dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant last night then walked back to the hotel, which happens to be just up the road from our Prime Minister's residence. So we decided, let's go and visit John! Or have a nosy at his house, at least. We may or may not have been wandering down his street, talking loudly and, er, farting (hubby!) at 0030 this morning... Must say the box hedging and conifers in front of house are looking splendid! Got a fabulous view of the harbour all lit up at night from the wee park at the end of the street.

Roll on tonight and the concert. J and I have seats right up the front, the rest are up in the side stands. Should be awesome!

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February 15th, 2015

08:57 pm

Band schedule was moved up somewhat. Existing bass player and fill-in vocalist (both young lads of 19 or so) were playing for the band in February and April, leaving the new singer and me four months to prepare ourselves. But less than two weeks ago, the lads found out they had to be available for grape harvest work and pulled out. New band line-up appears NEXT Saturday!

Had my usual lesson with G, my teacher and our lead guitarist on Monday night. He gave me a list of 11 new songs! Got through five of them by Friday afternoon when I spent five hours with him going through them, and learning three more on the spot. Then we went off to the drummer's place today and spent 6 hours or so practising with all four of us. Covered 32 songs, some several times so the singer could get her cues right. Another lesson session on Monday night, and a run over of G's songs on Friday afternoon, and hopefully we will be sorted!

Mind you, after Saturday, the next gig isn't until April 11th, so a bit of breathing space then.

Wish me luck!



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December 25th, 2014

10:38 am

Merry Xmas, everyone! Hope you all have a great day and fun with your families! Xxx

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September 24th, 2014

01:57 pm - Music

Well, having bought myself a cheapish bass guitar for my birthday in May to play around with until I'd saved up for the Strat, I find I love it. I bought the strat last month, but only play it once a week while spending hours practising bass. The lovely depth and power of the sound and the way a good bass line underpins everything else is very I satisfying. Started lessons on the bass in June and picked it up very rapidly. In the last few weeks my teacher has been giving me songs from his band's playlist to learn. All 70s and 80s party songs which are great to play. Two songs a week, but on Monday night he gave me three. Already worked out the bass lines and can play 'em, so I've picked another song off the list to do. Poor hubby and daughter have to listen to the same songs over and over... Still, G told me his band was having problems getting a regular bassist, and I was next on his list! Only 70 or so songs to learn... Always liked a challenge, but let's hope the current guy hangs around a bit longer yet!

House hasn't sold yet but may be an offer coming from a couple up North who really liked it. Fingers crossed.

Hugs and bass riffs for anyone who got through to the end of this ramble! Xx

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June 25th, 2014

05:17 pm - clothing sizes
Was just reading the article on the new size 000. 23 inch waist. LOL. Back when I was a teenager sewing my own clothes, a 28 inch waist was a size 14, a 26in was 12, 24in was 10, and 22 in was 8. So the new US 000 was between 8-10. size 0 was about a 12. "Ooo, look at me, I was a 8 and now I'm a 0!" Dream on, Babycakes, the only thing that has changed is the number on the wee label.

Yes, of course you can fly, Peter. You just have to believe...
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